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Staple, staple, all day long – without using any staples!

We have the coolest office device far and wide.

And it runs totally without electricity. 

Whether for private or business use. For tidy or chaotic types. Paper is stapled every day at practically every desk in the Western World – even though we have all gone digital.  It’s a part of office life we all take for granted. 

The HARINACS products manufactured by the Japanese company KOKUYO won‘t change this, but they can make it so much easier. We will show you how it‘s done.


Never buy staples again.

No-one likes spending money on things they don‘t need, do they? Staples may not be the most expensive product on the market, but depending on how many you need, it can add up over time. Time is also an important factor these days and our staple-less staplers can save you so much time! Whether it’s refilling, purchasing, posting, the time you spend going to the shop or simply finding out the right size… All yesterday‘s news with KOKUYO‘s HARINACS staplers.

You save on: money, time, stress and travel.

No staples hidden in the pile of paper? Your shredder will be delighted.

Be honest – who really even thinks about staples? Well? Us, of course!

A lot of correspondence is only stapled temporarily, whether at home on the kitchen table or at the Account Manager‘s desk. After that they either get filed or end up in the shredder. A lot of shredders can‘t actually shred metal and if they can their lifespan is shortened considerably. Which brings us back to the topic of cost efficiency and environmental protection.


We are sustainable.

"Ridiculous! The couple of staples I use a year, what difference does that make to the environment?“ We were so nice and went and calculated it for you. In every packet there are 1,000 staples. These weigh around 50 grams. Even if you don‘t staple something each and every day yourself – all around you this is happening constantly – and also happening on YOUR behalf – at the cheese counter, at the chemist, in the supermarket your card receipt is stapled to your cashdesk receipt, your official documents get stapled together…

A company with 400 employees uses between 10 and 25 kilogram metal annually just for staples. And not only that, you also have expenses for transport and processing. We can help you save on this.


HARINACS goes easy on the environment and on your wallet and is totally cool on top.

They are exactly those products that change our world. They are small, they have been around forever. No-one gave them a thought until someone came up with the idea to look at them from a different perspective. Staples have been around for more than 300 years. Everyone knows them, everyone needs them. But is this really true?