HARINACS – the stapleless staplers – in all its facets


The new design is more ergonomic and therefore easier to handle. With this update one needs less pressure to bind the paper. staples up to a max. of 5 sheets (80g/qm).

It is available in the following colours: white, light green, light blue, black and pink.

Its compact size makes it especially suitable for people with small hands and for stapling small amounts of paper. So it is perfect for handicrafts and for retailers who need to staple EC receipts or also for kids.



The stapleless stapler shown in the video was updated in 2016. The shape, the colour and - what’s more – its strength were all changed. It is even stronger now. Officially this model can staple 8 sheets (80g/m2)now. But it can actually manage 10 pages if necessary.

Available in the following colours: pink, blackgreen, white and blue


The most elegant version of the staple-free staplers. This model holds up to 5 sheets together WITHOUT making a hole in the paper. The paper doesn’t get damaged at all! The stapling can be undone - easily. The pages are punched together which causes a small imprint. This model is perfect for documents which need to be unstapled for future use.

The PressType is available in green, white, blue and pink.