... in production

Whichever model you choose: For KOKUYO protecting the environment comes first. The plastic used for the staplers is made of 99% recycled ABS.

So you can be absolutely sure that there is hardly any new plastic used in producing HARINACS.  The high-quality workmanship leaves no room for planned obsolescence – their longevity and many satisfied customers speak for themselves.

KOKUYO doesn’t just look out for the environment: They also take good care of their employees, you can read about this on their website  -> Business ethics

... in operation

The reasons are self-evident.

 - no resources go to waste: 


  1. Saves metal because no metal staples are needed. 
  2. No CO2-emissions during production.
  3. No staples? No transit.
  4. No extra device needed to remove the staples.