We keep it together.

Everyone knows the feeling. You are on the road, meeting new people and then suddenly you hear about a completely new idea, the like of which you have never seen before. This is pretty much what happened to us when we saw the HARINACS, the staple-free staplers from the company KOKUYO, for the first time. And believe me; everyone who holds these staplers in their hand for the very first time goes through a similar experience. 

This Japanese product has done it to us. We’ve been infected. Watch out! The enthusiasm is contagious. The best thing about it: the HARINACS products also spare the environment.

We can deliver quickly countrywide and within the european borders from our warehouse in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is our pleasure and also a genuine concern of ours to get the small, colourful, high-quality HARINACS out into the world: to your home, or directly to your place of business. Contact us for further details.

What the hell does HARINACS even mean?

The word HARINACS is a word coined form Japanese.  

It is made up of the words HARI (はり) - "staple/needle" and NACS which is actually NAKUSU (なくす) "to lose/remove an item". 

NAKUSU also contains the Japanese word "NAI" (ない) – which roughly translated means “not to have”.

The word NAKUSU itself is not an official Japanese word. 

So HARINACS in the broadest sense means “staple gone”, “needle removed” or “staple lost”. 

There is no exact translation like for a lot of words coined in Japanese, as the stem of the word has been changed artificially.