Harinacs as a giveaway or customer gift

Your logo on sustainable business management

Live the message

Your company stands for progress, innovation, agility and sustainable business management? Then check out the perfect alternative to the run-of-the-mill printed pen, notepad or coffee mug. This handy ecological office device won’t end up in a drawer or standing around gathering dust.

The durability of our staple-less stapler speaks for itself. It will be used and seen for years on end.

The medium is the message

The most famous sentence uttered by the media theoretician Marshall McLuhan describes this product perfectly – especially as a giveaway with your logo. When McLuhan says: First we form our tools and then our tools form us it becomes clear that it is not so much the message on the giveaway as the giveaway itself that transports the message our company stands for. 

Our Partner for PRINTING. Your logo on our product, printed by the experts.

Information, pricing and photos are available on request, just drop us a line.